Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan is is president and chief operating officer of ManTech International Corporation’s emerging markets group. He joined ManTech from Mercury Federal Systems where he was the president and chairman since March 2007.

Previously, he was senior vice president of strategic development for SAIC, responsible for strategy, and mergers and acquisitions for the intelligence, security and technology group.

Prior to SAIC, Ryan was the VP and director for SRA International’s C4ISR center, where he directed intelligence community-related programs and contracts.

During his SRA tenure, he was appointed to the president’s foreign intelligence advisory board’s transformation advisory group, and to the CIA director’s constellation architecture panel.

Before joining SRA, Ryan was the president, CEO, and director of Adroit Systems, Inc., where he initiated a strategic growth campaign that resulted in the sale of the business to SRA in 2003.

Ryan held senior executive positions in the Defense Department, as the OSD director of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and as the deputy director of the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office. He also served as a professional staff member on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

His 10-year military term included a position as senior intelligence analyst for the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, and infantry commander and intelligence officer for the U.S. Marine Corps.