About us: Executive Mosaic

The Potomac Officers Club is owned and operated by Executive Mosaic. Since 2002, Executive Mosaic has been a leader in media and exclusive senior executive networking programs primarily targeted to the U.S. federal government contracting (GovCon) marketplace. In addition to connecting executives of consequence into a fabric of like minded communities, the company’s growing cross-media platform serves as a leading source of news about the people, policies, trends and events shaping the nation’s GovCon sector.

The Potomac Officers Club (POC) is a membership Organization focused on executives within Government and the Government Contracting (GovCon) community. POC is dedicated to weaving an executive level fabric for the benefit of this community. POC provides an opportunity to learn from peer business executives and government thought leaders, while creating an outstanding forum to develop key business and partnering relationships. Government officials are able to hear collectively from the leadership of the companies that provide their mission critical services, and report that the POC is the perfect forum to engage in meaningful dialogue on current issues.

The Potomac Officers Club (POC) is an executive-only Organization whose 1,600+ members collectively manage $75 billion in government contracting. Service providers and the professional networking crowd are excluded. Participants join to hear headline speakers cover headline topics. They find great value in building their credibility and becoming known among their peer group.

Digital Properties

Executive Mosaic’s array of digital properties offers readers daily breaking news about the business of Government contracting, profiles of corporate executives, an insider’s view from the perspective of both government officials and CEOs on trends shaping the sector, as well as special reporting on hot topics. The circulation of.... View More


The relationship with your prospects, partners, investors, and customers begins long before you meet them. The Spectrum Media Platform provides consistent, continuous media coverage throughout the year. Spectrum leverages the power and reach of Executive Mosaic’s media portfolio, in combination with social media and.... View More

4 x 24 Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is a comprehensive offering for senior-level “executives of consequence” in organizations which sell to the Federal Government. It includes the Executive Dinner Series (4 dinners annually, plus wild card opportunities), membership in the Potomac Officers Club, and all the benefits of.... View More